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Womso + Raphael Mello + Monika Kruse + Edwin Oosterwal + Kaiserdisco + Pagano + D Ramirez + CJ Hartmann + Jonny Woo + Rose Turner + John Sizzle + Jeff Leach + Ilona International + Alejandro Gocast + Ben Westwood + Munroe Bergdorf + Sink The Pink + Guest DJ

The Morning After: German Clubs After Everyone Leaves

thinking outside of the can
thinking outside of the can

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So-Up Collective

¡¡Together!! / So-Up & The joiners arms. 26.02.2011

A joint production by so up and the joiners arms, celebrating east london’s diversity. a night of music & dance in the home of urban art: cordy house, curtain road, london, saturday 26 february 2011 from 5pm to 6 am, taking place during lgbt history month.

on this occasion designers come together from across the world: canada, austria, lebanon, spain, uk and france to create a design for together night to be exhibited 13 hours only.

the designers were selected by sarah boris (design manager at the ica and founder of her own design studio) to create a special commission / new design for the event on 26 february for which the key idea is to express ‘love, life and liberty’ – ‘make soup not war’

all posters are printed in an edition of 13 by ditto press.